New Labello Vanilla Buttercream


When Rubybox had sent this product to me I was feeling rather nostalgic. I began reminiscing on my childhood days when I was not allowed to use lipstick. Although Labello was there to my rescue with the Cherry lip tint. Although it was a lip tint if you apply layers of it you will get a peachy red lip colour and that was my lipstick back all the way to high school.

What does the *New* Vanilla Buttercream caring lip balm claim ?
From packaging:

Enjoy the extra care formulation with shea butter and natural oils which delights with vanilla aroma. Labello Vanilla buttercream will immediately care for your lips and them deeply moisturised.

My view on the product :

The packaging :
The standard Labello packaging which I did like as I got to relive my childhood days of using Labello again.

The product:

How did I use it ?
I used a lip scrub before applying the product as I would always do every morning .

What I liked about the product :
• The first thing I had noticed when applying the product was that it was not heavily scented when compared to most lipcare products and I loved that as I’m extremely sensitive when it comes to any type of scent.
• It was not sticky and was extremely comfortable to use.
• On the lips it was not matte nor did it have an extreme shine , it was more of a satin finish.
• Although the most important aspect to the product was that it was moisturising and because it was thicker than a normal lipcare product it lasted for a pretty long time considering the fact that when you eat some of the product does get removed. I do suggest to use the product before going to bed as you may sleep with it . When waking up your lips feel absolutely smooth which I love.

What I did not like about the product:
There is only one thing I did not like which was that when applied it does give you a pale looking lip . So do not use too much .

Final verdict of the product :
Will I use it again?
Most definitely will be using it before bed on a daily basis.

Would I recommend it?
YES !!! With this product not only females but also males could use it .

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